Tapestry Rods

Tapestry Rods

18 Fabulous tapestry rods in small or large sizes and are are adjustable to fit your size tapestry wall hanging with or without tassels.

Tapestry Rods

18 Fabulous Styles to Hang Your Tapestries Up!

tapestry rods

Finding the perfect tapestry rod often makes all the difference in that look you've been striving for hanging your beautiful wall hanging. With a selection of 18 fabulous tapestry rods to choose from makes it easier to find the style fit your creative flair for home decorating.

Each rod is high quality and made specifically for the weight of your tapestry wall hanging. The rods are built for strength, yet will not weight your wall down like heavy wrought iron can. These rods are made of super strong aluminum and adjustable to accommodate the addition of tassels or not.

All tapestry rods include brackets and screws for mounting on the wall. Small and large size rods are adjustable to accommodate your tapestry wall hanging size and the addition of tassels.

Six sensational colors and three perfect sizes to choose for your tapestry tassels and decorating needs.

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Construction:   Machine Made
Material: Metal & Adjustable
Country: Made in the USA
Size: Small & Large
Delivery: Ships Fast in 1-2 Days
Features: Light weight, yet super strong
Our price: $39.95
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